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Pollinators and Blooms

Wildflower seed balls for Pollinators - 30 count

Wildflower seed balls for Pollinators - 30 count

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This gift set would be the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who loves wildflowers, and would like to help save the bees. This special edition seed balls kit comes in a reusable, burlap bag with 30 seed bombs. using 28 native wildflower seeds. The wildflower & bee guide will help you get your seed balls planted and help you identify 8 of the most common bees and wildflowers. The cotton bag is 4 x 7" and each seed ball is approximately 1-inch in diameter. To plant, toss seed balls 3-6 inches apart in a sunny area over the soil. Keep the soil damp until some of the seeds sprout, Then water regularly until established. Not all seeds will grow at the same time. Some seeds need weather cues from mother nature, such as winter and the day length. So be on the lookout for new seedlings and flowers all year long. This helps ensure there are food sources for bees and pollinators all season long.

*Women Owned

*Made in Hutto, Texas


*Handmade in small batches


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