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DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit

DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit

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Looking for a unique and fun gift idea? Look no further than our DIY cocktail infusion kit! This kit comes complete with everything you need to create your own delicious and one-of-a-kind cocktails at home. Each kit includes a 16 oz glass jar, custom filtering pour spout, pre-measured ingredients, and an instructional booklet with recommended cocktail recipes.

Our cocktail infusion kit is easy to use - simply empty all ingredients into the jar, fill with your recommended type of liquor (included on the bottle), seal tightly, and let infuse for at least 3 days. The result? A perfectly infused, deliciously flavored liquor that's perfect for mixing up your favorite cocktails. Each kit will provide 7-8 cocktails and should be enjoyed within 30 days.

At the heart of our cocktail infusion kit is a passion for flavor and quality. We use only the finest ingredients and materials to ensure that each and every kit is of the highest quality. Plus, with a shelf life of 1 year, you can enjoy your cocktail infusion kit whenever you're in the mood for a tasty and refreshing cocktail.

Don't settle for boring cocktails - order our cocktail infusion kit today and elevate your home bar game to the next level!

**Packaged in a facility that handles tree nuts, dairy products and soy.**


F L A V O R S:

Parrot Head: strawberry jalapeno (infuse tequila or rum)

Lazy Afternoon: blackberry basil (infuse vodka, gin or whiskey)

Out of Office: mango hibiscus (infuse tequila or rum)

Navel Gazer: spiced orange (infuse whiskey or spiced rum, good for old fashions)

Blue Sunday: blueberry lavender (infuse gin, vodka or whiskey)

Night Owl: bittered orange and espresso (infuse whiskey, vodka or tequila)

Bundled Up: persimmon and chai (infuse whiskey, vodka or spiced rum)

At The Orchard: mulled honey-crisp apple (infuse whiskey, vodka or spiced rum)


All Natural | Made in Chicago, Illinois

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